Thursday, July 07, 2022

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This is the line up of this night:





Final instructions for the race:
Host and Marshall: FORMULA_EUROPE (Add on PSN)
Track limits are defined following the real FIA rules, so be careful. A driver is considered out of the track if he crosses the white borderline with all 4 wheels.
The race director, after the race, may ask to some drivers their video of some specific laps, in order to check if they've cut a corner or not and then penalize them as in the rules.
When the drivers will join the lobby they must have they're microphone turned on to verify they're identities. Before the beggining of the qualifying microphones must by turned off.
If a driver on track is having a lot of lag, the race director will send him an PSN message. The driver must pause the game for 1 minute and try to solve the problem. If, after that, there's still lag, another message will be send to the player, asking him to retire immediately from the session. In case that the driver doesn't retire, the marshalls may give him a penalty at the end of the race.
Invitations will start at 20:50 CET, the race will start at 21:00 CET and will be broadcast on FE Youtube Channel. 
Enjoy the race and good luck to every team.
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