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FEChampionsLeague: The 2018 Season : An Italian affair

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It has been an amazing season for this year. Formula Europe have increased the number of teams who subscribed to the championship from the 8 of the last season to the 17 we had this year. There’s also been a great effort from other communities in order to help with the organization,commentary and all the details during these 2 months.

Formula Motorsport Drivers managed to take the victory just at the last race,beating the defending champions of Formula italian Team at the very last race in Sepang. They’ve really deserved this title,they’ve been consistant, very fast and sometimes a dominating force, especially during the semifinals.

But starting from the very beginning of the tournament,for the first time ever the teams have been devided in several groups since the first round, and we immediately had a great surprise as, in group A, JIM Racing Team was eliminated after only the first two races, while FiT and F1 Race Championship get their access to the semi’s. Group B was just an affair between F1Legend Drivers and F1 Simu (number 2 seed of the tournament), while CampeonatothebestF1 and LigaF1ps4 were eliminated, unfortunately for the polands Stig was not enought to be on the same level of the other communities at the moment.

Another surprising results comes out of Group C, as seed number 3 of the championship AOR gets eliminated by the hand of Formula Nation and Territorio F1, both at their very first experience in the championship. In the end, in group D, FMD have dominate the competition, conquering a duble 1-2 in both races. Poor results for LigaOnline F1 and Racestars (number 4 seed of the tournament), as they both get eliminated.

Then we start talking about the semifinals. In group A we had FiT, FormulaNation, F1Simu and F1 Spanish Team. The spaniards managed to get a surprising qualification to the semi’s. In China they’ve also manged to take the victory, thanks to a very good race of XxSusoCM19xX, with  the two italian drivers, one for each team, who managed to take the podium with FiT-Matts in second and Talema in third place. The brazilian grand prix was a dramatic come back to reality for F1 Spanish Team, as they finish the race with 2 drivers and with a 9th and 11th place at the end. A race that gived for sure great fun to the spectators at home, with a great all race long battle between FiloBellegati and FiT_DiLegge. After a thrilling last lap the FiT drivers managed to take the victory over Adeo and Smokeman. That was for sure on of the most intense races of the season.

On the very last race,in Baku, FiT decide to think about the finals already,as they’re lineup was not made by some of they’re top drivers. In the end they managed to take P2 with FiT_Misterx while Unapulitan gets the victory. The result sentenced the elimination of seed number 2 , F1 Simu from the tournament along with F1 Spanish Team.

In Group B the italian team of FMD managed to easily get through the finals as they get 2 pole position out of 3 races ,a 1-2 finish in Brazil and another victory in Baku. The race held in Azerbaijan was a thrilling one,a monsonic rain hitted the track during the race,putting several drivers out of the competition. In the end a brilliant strategy by both the FMD drivers give them the podium,with TF1_Chalo in second place between them. FMD and TF1 managed to get through the finals while F1 Legend Drivers and F1Race Championship were eliminated.

The competition in the finals was very strong and,even after only 1 race, it appeared clear that the championship would be a private affair between FiT and FMD. With a good strategy both Magic and Lewis44 managed to get a great result in Monza but, after the race,both drivers incurred in to a penalty by race direction, and this gived the vicotry to F1MD_Tonix. In belgium FiT_Kvyat managed to secure pole position,but in the end that was not enough to give hime the victory,as TF1_Chalo gets P1 in the end while the italian finished only P3 with F1MD_Mark just ahead of him. The last and decisive race has been hosted by the Sepang Internation Circuit. TF1_Alonso and TF1_Hamilton,after they’ve catched a front row start after qualifying manged to stay in front for the entire first half of the race,bu then Hamilton brokehis front wing ad Alonso was losing a little bit of pace to the other drivers. In the end FMD gets another 1-2, and that results,helped also by a poor race by FiT drivers and the retirement of FiT_MisterX give them their first Formule Europe title. They were by far the dominating team in the championship and, in the end, the title is just the final achievement of a great championsip for them.




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