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FECL: rules and calendar.

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Main rules:

The FE Champions League is a tournament played on F1 2015. No assist are allowed in our races.

To compete, every team must have their drivers registered to the site. Team captain must indicate in the race topic the three drivers of the team that will partecipate in a day before the race.  



The championship calendar it's the following:


-MAY 11th –  SUZUKA

-MAY 31st –  MEXICO




You can find all the championship stats by clicking on the “FE CHAMPIONSLEAGUE” voice in the main menu of the site.


 Session settings:

-Drivers on grid :12 (3 for each team)

-Free practice : NO

-Qualifyng : SHORT

-Race distance : 100%

-Starting position: REALISTIC

-Weather : DYNAMIC



-Car performance: EQUIVALENT

-Parc Fermè: YES

-Car Damages: COMPLETE

-Collisions: YES

-Back to garage: NO

-Penalties: STRICT



-Brake assist: NO

-Traction control: NO

-Automatic Gears: NO

-Box assist: NO

-Dynamic line: NO


Race time:

All the drivers must be online at 20.55 CET and wait for the host to send them the invite. Race start will take place not later than 21.05 CET, excluding exceptional cases.


Points system:

The point system is the same that is used in real F1 races (only the drivers that concludes the races will get points):

25  18  15  12  10  8  6  4  2  1


Constructors championship:

Each team get points for the constructor championship by adding the points of their drivers that will race during the championship.



FE TabellaAuto


Drivers substitution system :

Every team must comunicate not later than 20.30 CET of the race day and in the topic of the race, their sobstitution.


Microphones in the lobby:

Microphones must be turn off before the qualifyng session starts. Otherwise any kind of voice intervention during the race or qualifying without the staff authorization will be penalized with 1 point in the drivers standings (constructors championship is included).


Track limits rules

Track limits are defined following the real FIA rules.

-A driver is considered out of the track if he crosses the white borderline with all 4 wheels.









For every race the staff will release an interpretation lap with the limits of the track.

The race directors will anyway be able to decide on each corner cut or eventually infractions.

An overtake completed by cutting the track will be considered as an unsportsmanlike act and will be penalized with 3 point from both standings.


Any kind of absence comunication for a race must be comunicated only in the official race topic. Any kind of comunication using social networks,private messages or others will not be considered. Otherwise the driver will be penalized for missing a race without comunication.


Reclaim and penalties manage:

There is a dedicated section in our site for post-race reclaims against drivers or penalties (only for overtaking with yellow flags that games penalizes random) that must be made within two days by the end of the race. 

In this PAGE you'll find a schedule for the incidents management (COMING...)


Penalty System:

Complaints will be evaluated according to the following scheme:

1st Penalty:

The team will be punished with " x " seconds penalty, based on the evaluation of the judges

2nd Penalty:

The team will be punished with " x " seconds penalty, based on the evaluation of the judges

The team will take an additional 5 points penalty for each penalty given by stewards

3rd Penalty:

The team will be punished with " x " seconds penalty, based on the evaluation of the judges

The team will take an additional 10 points penalty for each penalty given by stewards


Disconnection errors:

In case of persistent lag of a driver the race director after a cuple of race laps, or even during the qualifying session, will inform the driver of his problem and invite him to retire by using his microphone in the lobby. In case the driver in question did not retire his car the marshall will give him a penalty by investigate after the race.

In case of disconnection of the 50% ore more of the drivers during the qualifying session a new lobby will be created and qualifying will be restarted from the beginning.

In  case of disconnetion of 1 ore less that the 50% of the drivers during qualifiyng the session will not be restarted. The driver will try to re-join the session by using the invite that the host will send to him before the start of the session.

If the driver will be able to re-join the session he will wait until the edn of the session and will take part to the race. If he'll get disconnected again even before the race starts the session will not be restarted.

Everytime a session will be restarted the wheather will be set on dynamic.

If a marshall or a commentator lost connection during a session he will be allowed to re-join the lobby in any way he can.

In the eventuality that all the driver will lost their connection (host disconnection) from the lobby the procedures will be as follows:

                    more than 75% of the race completed : the race will be considered valid and results will be certificated by the marshalls.

                    Less then 75% of the race completed :  a new lobby will be created and the race distanc will be setted on the nearest distance possible to the laps that were not yet be compleated.

In the new lobby the weather will be dynamic: during the first lap, drivers must re-take the positions the were in the last lap compleated before the disconnection and the race will restart with a launch start. The race leader must be careful to maintain a compact group behind, then he will accelerate to restart the race. No overtake is permitted before drivers cross the finish line.


On track behavior:

In order to have a proper overtake:

-Be sure to run accross the corner, leaving enough space to the car near and stay with at less 2 wheel inside the white line.

-Have the front wheels alongside the rear ones of the other car, when the driver in front is approaching the corner.

Every driver must maintain a civilized behavior during the entire championship.

During the “hot” moments of the race every driver is invited to avoid forced overtakes on his opponents , in order to prevent damages for himself and for the others.

After going out of track a driver must bet beck inside the track only in conditions of total security. Otherwise  the marshalls will investigate after the race.

During qualifying the drivers who are in their out lap must not interfere in the hot lap of a driver that is coming behind them. Be very careful to that. Marshalls will investigate in case of necessity.

Lapped drivers must pay attention to the faster drivers coming behind them and choose the best place an time where they can leave the open road to the drivers behind them . The lapped driver must put himself out of the race line so the driver behind them can surely understand that they are leaving theme the space to overtake.

It is absolutely prohibited to crash in to the car who's overtaking,and it's also prohibited to warnhim with the microphone.

During the start driver can make only one direction change. If marshalls will see some dangerous situation coused by a driver who's made more then one line change they will provide a penalty to him , that can be also granted in the next race. Obviously a duble direction change is admitted if it's made to avoide crashs or dangerous situations.

During the start all the drivers are invited to maintain the calm, as the race will be really long and they're gonna have other opportunities for overtake the cars in front of them.

Will not be allowed any other behavior not covered here above that is far from a fairly sport competition. So be respectful with all the other drivers.


Streaming and lobby organization:

Every lobby will include a streamer, in order to broadcast the race on our official FORMULA EUROPE youtube channel. There will also be a race director and 1 or 2 commentatorson of theme will be the one who controls the graphics during the broadcast.



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