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FE - Pictures, helmets and team logos

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Our Racing Drivers & Events database manager (Joomla "Tracks") can handle lot of informations useful to create web pages with statistical data. To go beyond the simple visualization of name, nickname, result and to increase the graphical impact of these pages and the usability of this database (example: live streaming infos on screen), it is better to have some pictures about drivers and teams.

vettel  colletto


We ask you to send us a picture of you where the face has at least 180x240 pixels in size. If you consider that the typical printing resolution is 200 dpi means an area of about 3cmx4cm of the face ... it means that the picture format of the passport is sufficient.

Of course we accept every type of picture if taken from the front side, without cutted parts of head, hair or chin: a good light image taken by web camera is ok.

If you do not already have your own, we will create a picture of you wearing the uniform of your team: it will be sufficient to indicate the team's color, the flag of the nation and the team name.


Casco BAX Lat  helmet2



The image of the helmet (also taken from the web, the choice is yours) should be at least 256x224 pixels or something like that, SIDE view with VISOR on the RIGHT. If you want you can also send a second picture with the rear view of the helmet.

You can design your own helmet online on these 2 websites: 3D Helmets and Push2Paint.


f1tlogo  f1tlogo2



To easily identify members of the team in the rankings, it would be better to have a picture of the team logo: we will use 2 different formats, a squared one (at least 128x128 pixel) and a rectangular one (at least 256x128 pixel).

Do not worry too much, we will correct the format of any photos of the team's logo that you will send to us.

IMPORTANT: All these activities that we ask you, are not compulsory but help us provide a better and more professional service.



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