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FECL 2018 Finals - Race 2 - BELGIAN GRAND PRIX (31/05/18)

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F1MD_MARK wrote: We would like to bring to the race directors' attention that on lap 22 FiT_Marco_Ganu received a 5 seconds stop/go penalty for corner cutting and gaining 1 place (visible on the live-stram). In the results screen at the end of the session it is clear that this penality has not been calculated, and since the driver did not post any dispute we must assume that there is no reason to believe that this penality is incorrect. We therefore require for this penality to be added to FiT_Marco_Ganu's time (this was also stated by the commentators at 1:43:05 in the live-stram, as it is a known bug of the game), demoting him to 8th place in favour of F1MD_BINOX, who finished 0.746 behind him on track.
Thanks for you attention

The penalty at the end of the race was not added to Marco Ganu, just notified.

The norm 10.10 says
"It is possible to open a dispute contesting the attribution of a penalty given by the game and that is deemed unfair. This must be done by choosing "GAME" as guilty and providing a valid explanation in the description, in addition to the clarifier video. The race director will assess to confirm the penalty received from the game or not. Game penalties generated by warnings for generic corner cutting will not be removed."

We didn't make a dispute because Marco has not received the penalty added to his final race time, so why should he ask for its removal ?
Although it was clear that it would be removed because Marco was forced to go out of his way to avoid contact with SEB at Eau Rouge.

Due to norm 10.10 I assume that Binox should have made a dispute to the game to ask the confirmation of the penalty and so Marco would have had the chance to show his video.
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