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Wednesday, 25 November 2015 22:38

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A new feature was introduced on formulaeurope.con, the ability to log on to the forum via your device mobile. You have an iPhone, iPad, Smartphone / Tablet Android?
You can now access via Tapatalk! Tapatalk is indeed compatible with all smartphones and Android now available for Windows phone!
Tapatalk then allows you to keep you updated on the community and interact with it when you do not have a PC available, but only your smartphone. Via Tapatalk can check your private messages, the latest messages posted, reply to posts or open new ones! You can always access the forum also in 'desktop always via mobile devices.
To access via tapatalk just download the version of Tapatalk specific to your smartphone, open the program and search Formula Europe.
Logged in (with your information Forum) you will end up in the forum and you can see it and use it well even from your smartphone. What wait, use the link below and download the app in the App Store, Play Store and Windows Store! 
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